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Vertical Conveyors
UNITEL manufactures various types of vertical conveyors.

VLU Vertical Conveyors

VLU Vertical Lifting Units are reciprocating conveyors mounted on a special carriage. For light loads of up to 100 Kg they are single-column type. For loads of up to 750 Kg they are of the dual column type.

They can be used in multiple floor installations to raise or lower unit goods. They are invariably part of an automated system with automatic separation, feeding and removal conveyors with safety interlocks. Their main application is for low-rate application not exceeding 5 to 10 travels per minute depending on the distance travelled. They can be used in a “C” (same side entry and exit” or “Z” (Opposite side) configuration

Vertical Conveyors
Vertical Conveyors Vertical Conveyors


ZRM Fork-type Vertical Conveyor

ZRM Fork-type vertical conveyors are flexible systems that accept many accessories such as input and output conveyors. They can be used to move small sized goods between multiple floors using retractable conveyors.

The direction of flow is a “ C”–form where goods enter and leave on the same side of the conveyor. They are always supplied as part of an automated system under PLC control. They are limited to a maximum payload of 60Kg per fork. Their rates are higher than VLU units and could be made to handle packages such as boxes, totes, or sacks at up to 20 packs a minute.

 Vertical Conveyors Vertical Conveyors


VAL Autolift

The VAL Autolift vertical conveyor is a medium to heavy load system of the folding tray type. Trays are attached to chains through a special hinge and are fed through separating and feeding conveyors under strict PLC control. They can be designed to carry loads of up to 750Kg per tray for distances of up to 10 meters and rates of 5 to 10 packs per minute depending on weight, travel distance and the nature of the transported goods..

A comprehensive system of safety interlocks guarantees personnel and items safety.

 Vertical Conveyors Vertical Conveyors 




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