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Airports Systems Division

Baggage Handling Systems

UNITEL and its sister company INTEGRA are in a close strategic alliance with world class system integrators in order to offer total solutions to Baggage Handling Systems of various capacities. We offer a full range of specialized conveyors such as metering conveyors, straight conveyors, elevating and lowering conveyors, merging conveyors, all of which are integrated with ancillary equipment such as X-ray inspection machines, Store and Forward Buffers etc. under centralized automation and control using state-of-the-art control systems.
Additionally we also produce a range of modular Slave ULD's and Warehouse Roller and Castor Decks.

BHS Conveyors

We manufacture dedicated Baggage Handling Systems conveyors including Metering Conveyors, Straight Long Conveyors, Y-Junction Conveyors or special designs according to customer requirements.

Metering Conveyors

These short (1500 mm) conveyors are metering conveyors running at high speeds for the purpose of separating baggage prior to reaching transfer or check points.
These special conveyors have been optimized for extremely fast exchange of belts, requiring minimal disruption of the line. Standard conveyor width of 1000 mm runs on easily removable slider beds.

Airports Systems Division

Straight Conveyors

Straight Long distance modular conveyors have a unique center drive with easy adjustable training rollers and pulleys.
They vary in length from 2000 mm up to 12,000 mm at a nominal width of 1000mm.
They come equipped with standard side walls with pre-perforated attachments for optical switches and other sensors. Their design prevents any loose parts of the baggage from getting caught in the conveyors and jamming the system.
They can be floor mounted or suspended from ceiling mounts on stable and heavy-duty adjustable supports.

Airports Systems Division

Y-Junctions Conveyors HYB

The heavy duty sheet metal construction offers a rigid and stable chassis thus ensuring stability, strength and a prolonged belt life under heavy loads.
These conveyors have a 45 degree merge or diverge unit attached to them. They have a center drive unit with an integrated belt tensioning system. HYB conveyors can be floor mounted, suspended from ceilings using hangers, or wall mounted using brackets.

Airports Systems Division Airports Systems Division

ULD Pallet Handling & Warehouse Decks

Roller Deck ULD-RLP

Roller Pallet Narrow and wide Edge Leading (Roller Type) ULD- RLP.
The base frame consist of shop welded steel structure with channels in the lateral side and .cross steel members to provide a rigid frame.
The deck is designed to accommodate 4 or 5 roller tracks Rollers can be easily exchangeable and the slave pallet is covered with checkered plates with minimum capacity of 2.5 kN/m2.
On each Slave there are openings for forklift forks.
Decks are fitted with two manually operated disappearing end-stops on each side.
Movable slave pallets are designed to be stackable.

 Airports Systems Division Airports Systems Division 

Castor Deck ULD-CTU

The deck is designed to accommodate special castor to be bolted to the chassis.
Castor can be easily exchangeable and the top surface is covered with removable checkered plates with minimum loading capacity of 2.5 kN/m2.
Slave base is fixed to the floor.
Decks are fitted with two manually operated disappearing end-stops on each side.

 Airports Systems Division Airports Systems Division 


  • Sturdy frame based on mutually reinforcing structure.
  • Lighter weight for reduced cost.
  • Modular construction for the roller supports and checkered cover plates.

(This means lower maintenance costs or down time during maintenance.)

Airports Systems Division


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