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TR-2 & TR-3 Bulk Materials Conveyors

TR-2 & TR-3 Bulk Materials Conveyors


TR-2 trough conveyors use a 2 rollers support for belt widths up to 500 mm.

TR-3 trough conveyors use a 3 roller support for widths from 650 mm to 1200 mm

The rubber belts are welded by hot vulcanizing and can have a smooth or chevron top surface.

Adjustable rollers support and return rollers make belt tracking easy to perform.

Belt take-up and tensioning is easy to do through power screws in the tail unit. Other belt tension units are available upon request.

TR-2 & TR-3 Bulk Materials Conveyors


Rollers are installed on adjustable rollers supports, mounted on a sturdy sheet metal frame.

Rollers are 89 mm in diameter, and triple sealed against dust and permanently greased for extended service in adverse conditions.

These conveyors accept several accessories and options such as dust hoods, side skirts, loading hoppers and special supports

TR-2 & TR-3 Bulk Materials Conveyors


The TR-2 and TR-3 trough conveyors are mainly used for transporting bulk materials in cement, fertilizers, chemical industries, paper industry, food industry and also to transport unit goods such as sacks, and parcels, where it is important to confine them to the center of the conveyor without guides.

These conveyors can be used for lengths of up to 50 meters. Other lengths are custom designed. Please contact UNITEL

TR-2 & TR-3 Bulk Materials Conveyors

TR2 & TR3 Specifications

TR-2 & TR-3 Bulk Materials Conveyors

TR-2 & TR-3 Bulk Materials Conveyors

Loading Capacity 50 tons/h to 400 t/h ( depends on material transported and belt width)
Head Pulley Diameter Ø273 , 406.4 , 508 mm
Take Up Pulley Diameter Ø273 , 406.4 , 508 mm
Take-up Distance Depends on conveyor length from 260 mm
Return Rollers Diameter Ø60 , 89 mm
Return Rollers Pitch 1200 mm
Idler Roller Diameter Ø89 mm triple sealed
Idler Roller Pitch 270 mm
Linear Speed (nominal) 20-40-80 m/min
Mains Supply 380 VAC +/-10%, 50 Hz 3 Phase
Motor Power According to Length
Motor Class IP54
Insulation Class IP54
Impact Idlers Same as Support idlers but at 250 to 400 mm spacing.
Number of Idlers per Support 3
Idler Trough Angle TR-2: 21° to 25°       TR-3: 21° to 45°
Belt Materials 2 or 3 ply rubber, Plain or Chevron hot vulcanized welding.
Paint Electrostatic Epoxy Powder RAL 7035
Standard Width (W) / Preferred Values
TR2 500
TR3 650 800 1000 1200


Floor Supports Yes Inside scraper Yes
Ceiling Hangers Yes Outside Scrapers Yes
Wall Mount Yes Emergency Pull Cord Yes
Head pulley lagging Yes Self Aligning Carrying Idler Yes
Brake Motor Yes Discharge hopper Yes
Bidirectional motion Yes Loading hopper Yes
Left or Right Side Drive Yes Side Skirts Yes
             Back Stops  Yes
Push Button Station  Yes
Feed (Tail end) Hopper Yes 
Delivery ( Head end) Hopper Yes 
Head Pulley Hood  Yes
Feed (Tail end) Hopper  Yes


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