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CHT Chain Conveyors

CHT Chain Conveyors


The CHT chain conveyor is a heavy duty, low profile conveyor optimized for pallet transport.

The conveyor is constructed from precision manufactured sheet metal side channels, and modules are butt coupled for modularity and extended length.
CHT Chain Conveyors


The special carrying chains run on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) wear-resistant strips, for self-lubrication and extended chain life.

Drive and idler sprockets are made of hardened steel, for long life and low maintenance operation.

The system can be fitted with side guards..

CHT Chain Conveyors


CHT conveyors are used in production floors and warehouses to transport pallets and are compatible with the RDS family of heavy loads live roller conveyors and are also used as cross chain members in cross-chain deflectors of the DCR type

CHT Chain Conveyors

CHT Specifications

CHT Chain Conveyors

Loading Capacity 16,000 N/m
Linear Speed From 5 m/min to 15 m/min. approximately.
Chain Type 10B-2
Chain Support UHWPE Green, machined wear strip.
Mains Supply 380 VAC +/-10%, 50 Hz 3 Phase
Motor Power 0.37 kW ~ 2.2 kW depending on length, linear speed and load.
Motor Class IP54
Insulation Class IP54
Belt Materials PVC , PU, Cleated
Paint Electrostatic Epoxy Powder RAL 7035
Standard Width (W) / Preferred Values
Outer Distance (Wo)
W 800 1000 1200
Wo 767 933 1167
Standard Section Length
The CHT family's Side Channels, are made in modules of 2490 mm length. Standard Section Lengths can be combined to obtain the nearest required length.
Modules are attached together using Butt Couplings, to obtain any desired length.


Floor Supports SGH Butt Coupling Yes
Ceiling Hangers No Push Button Station Yes
Wall Mount No Emergency Pull Cord No
Brake Motor Yes Optical Switches and Controls Yes
Bidirectional motion No End Stops Yes
Variable Speed Drives Yes Guard Rails Yes


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