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CTU Caster Transfer Units

CTU Caster Transfer Units


UNITEL ' s Casters Transfer Unit type CTU is a modular Omni-directional section that allows conveyed parts to move in any direction.

A matrix of equally spaced caster units supports the item being transported. The contact surface must be rigid enough so as not to allow the supporting casters to sink into the contact surface.

For delicate surfaces such as cartons, it is recommended to use the CTU (Caster Transfer Unit) family of transfer units

CTU Caster Transfer Units


The CTU units are mounted on tracks that can be fitted on regular RLG Side Channels and frames. These tracks actually replace rollers, and have the same top surface height as the rollers of the RLG conveyors, for smooth transfer of the conveyed item

CTU Caster Transfer Units


CTU Caster transfer Units are used in applications requiring Omni-directional movement of the load, for example rotation, change of direction at cross points, etc…

The surface must be stable enough to support the load without deformation. It is usually used in conjunction with solid metal or wooden pallets.

Avoid using CTU's with sacks or loosely packed items.

CTU Caster Transfer Units


Each caster has a loading capacity of 350 N,

The caster spacing is 120 mm in the width direction, while the minimum pitch is 90 mm.

CTU Caster Transfer Units

CTU Specifications

CTU Caster Transfer Units


Caster Diameter 50 mm
Caster Loading Capacity 350 N
Caster Spacing along width * See table below
Caster Pitch 120, 150 mm.
Standard Width (W) / Preferred Values
W 300 400 500 650 800
Wo 376 484 592 754 916
Casters Pitch 103 104.6 105.5 116.8 124.3

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