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Conveyors Accessories

Supports for Slat Conveyors :

These are special purpose supports suitable for the SCS and SCC family of slat conveyors


Medium Duty Floor Supports SGL :

These supports are used for light to medium loads and are used with gravity roller conveyors of the RLG family, belt conveyors of the HSC, LSC, and live rollers RLS, RLA and QRS They can also be used with HBR, HYB heavy duty roller bed conveyors.

Heavy Duty Floor Supports SHS : Supports

Casters for Floor Supports :

These optional Casters can be mounted on SGL supports for mobility.

The caster wheel diameter is large enough to be used with irregular floors. For light to medium loads a 100 mm diameter caster wheel is used. For mobile HBR conveyors a special heavy duty wheel 160 mm. in diameter is used.


Ceiling Hangers SCH :

Ceiling hangers are used with steel or concrete ceilings to suspend conveyors. These are custom designed for each application and ceiling conditions.


Wall Brackets SWH & SWL :

Wall  brackets are cantilevers that support all types of conveyors, and can be fixed on solid walls, concrete pillars, or columns of portal frames in steel structures.


Special Support :

Special custom designed supports are designed to meet special conditions that cannot be met by our standard array of supports.


Back Stop :

Backstops are fitted inside the reducers of inclined conveyors to prevent the transported items from sliding backwards when a power failure occurs.

Note :

It is important to provide the motor control circuit with a phase sequence protection device to prevent forced rotation in the wrong direction in case of phase sequence reversal.

Back Stop 

Brushes :

These driven brushes are used to clean the transport surface of the belt. They are best suited for applications where powders or similar dry items are transported.


Butt Coupling :

Butt couplings are used to fasten conveyors sections together.

Butt Coupling

Chutes :

Chutes are custom designed to link different conveyors together.


Cross Bracing (Chassis):

Cross bracings are used with long roller bed conveyors to adjust the alignment of the two side channels, and make them perpendicular to the support rollers' axis.

Deflectors :

Deflectors are placed at some point along a long conveyor to force the transported item off a conveyor and onto another one , or down a chute.

The deflector is a special conveyor that is mounted on a pivot and pneumatically or mechanically operated through a control panel.


Drip Pans :

Drip pans are used to prevent the debris or other items transported to fall on the floor. They can be easily removed cleaned and replaced. They are usually mounted on the supports of the conveyors.

Drip Pans

End Stop (Mechanical):

End stops are used for applications where unit goods must be stopped at some point along the conveyor (or at the end of the conveyor).

Note :

The belt material must be chosen to allow the accumulation action without applying excessive pressure on the transported items.

End Stop

Hoppers :

Hoppers are custom designed depending on application and characteristics of the products moved.


Feed Hoppers :

These are custom designed to regulate the flow of bulk goods or small items on a conveyor. The exact dimensions and shape depends largely on the physical properties of the items transported.

Feed Hoppers

Front and Tail Bumpers :

These bumpers are used whenever mobile conveyors are arranged in tandem, to prevent damage to the pulleys resulting from collision between conveyors

Front and Tail Bumpers

Guard Rails :

Guard rails are fitted alongside channels of conveyors to prevent transported items from falling off the conveyors or to force guide them along a certain path.

Guard Rails

Head Pulley Hood :

The head pulley hoods are used in conjunction with bulk materials conveyors type TR-2 and TR-3.

They are fitted with a 100 mm pipe coupling ( 4 inch) for attaching to a dust suction unit (provided by the customer).

Head Pulley Hood

Individual Side Tables :

Side tables are fitted along the side channels of conveyors to provide for a stable small working surface. These are typically 400 mm x 500 mm.

Individual Side Tables 

Longitudinal Side Tables :

These are one-piece tables mounted along the length of a side channel.

They are usually 240 mm deep and of the same length as the side channel module, or conveyor section. Custom designs available on request.

Longitudinal Side Tables

Nose Wheels :

Nose wheels are used to facilitate the transition of smaller  items between two conveyors where the  gap between the head pulley of one conveyor and the tail pulley of the other needs to be bridged.

Nose Wheels

Scraper :

Inside scrappers are used to sweep of any debris from the inside surface of the return strand of a belt. This will reduce material buildup on the return pulley, thus improving belt tracking.

Outside scrapers are usually mounted below the head pulley, to scrape-off materials transported from the belt surface (and drop them inside the head pulley hood).

Spring loaded heavy duty scrapper for bulk materials


Pushers :

Pushers are pneumatic or mechanical devices that are actuated under electrical control to push of transported items from conveyors.

These are custom designed to suite the characteristics of the product.


Side Skirts :

Side skirts are used with bulk materials conveyor to confine the transported item and prevent spillage along the belt sides. They consist of a solid metal frame attached to the side channels, and lined with soft rubber or resin to seal of the gap between the belt and the metal skirt.

Side Skirts

Under Trussing :

These are special trusses designed to offer a self-supporting structure to the body of the conveyor whenever the distance between supports is large. These are custom designed according to individual requirements.

 Electric Accessories

Control Panels :

Control, panels are custom designed according to the requirements of each application. These typically use PLC controllers (Telemecanique or Siemens) and variable speed drives for induction motors.

Control Panels

Emergency Pull Chord :

This is a special type of emergency stop , that is installed along the side channel of a conveyor to allow personnel to stop the conveyor from any point along its length.

These are usually used in conjunction with long conveyors, where access to the mushroom type buttons is restricted.

Emergency Stop

Emergency Stop (Mushroom Self Latch) :

These are standard self latch buttons, that will remove all power from the motor circuit. Once pressed they self latch, and must be rotated to release them.

Optical Switches and Controls :

These are special controls such as optical switches, reflectors mechanical or proximity switches and are mounted on the side channels of the conveyors. They normally feed the control panels of larger systems.

Optical Switches and Controls

Pushbutton Stations and Electric Controls :

These are pushbutton stations mounted along side channels. They can be used to control conveyor operation.

We use Siemens, Lovato, General Electric, Telemecanique, and other brand-name products.

Pushbutton Stations and Electric Controls

Variable Speed Drives :

Electronic drives are used to control many aspects of AC induction motors driving the reducers of conveyors. They offer variable speed typically from 10% to 120% of rated speed, and controlled rate ramp-up or deceleration of the motor, as well as dynamic braking by DC injection. UNITEL uses Telemecanique or Siemens drives, but others are available on request.

Variable Speed Drives
Horizontal Elbow 90º & 45º
 Horizontal Elbow 90º & 45º
Inside Elbow 90º & 45º  Inside Elbow 90º & 45º
Outside Elbow 90º & 45º  Outside Elbow 90º & 45º
Offset Reducers right & left & straight  Offset Reducers right & left & straight
Straight Element  Straight Element
Horizontal Tee  Horizontal Tee
Vertical Tee  Vertical Tee
Joints  Joints

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