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MC1 Mobile Conveyor

MC1 Mobile Conveyor


MC-1 is a single boom conveyor of variable height.

The conveyor is mounted on a movable frame which can be easily moved from one area to another.

Belt direction is bi-directional for loading or unloading operation.
MC1 Mobile Conveyor


A hydraulic jack easily raises and lowers the conveyor boom for stacking goods in warehouses or trucks.

The movable frame is fitted with large wheels making it suitable for uneven floors.

The movable frame is equipped with floor rests to stabilize the conveyor during operation.

MC1 Mobile Conveyor


The MC-1 is extensively used for loading and unloading trucks, and filling or emptying containers.

It is also used for stacking goods in warehouses to maximize space utilization, and as a mobile mezzanine conveyor which can be wheeled in to the desired location.

MC1 Mobile Conveyor

MC1 Specifications

MC1 Mobile Conveyor

Loading Capacity 500 ~ 750 N/m
Drive Pulley Diameter Ø273 mm
Take Up Pulley Diameter Ø273 mm
Return Rollers Diameter Ø50 mm
Return Rollers Pitch 1200 , 2400 mm
Take-up Distance 140 mm
Linear Speed 30 m/min
Mains Supply 380 VAC +/-10%, 50 Hz 3 Phase
Motor Power 1.5 ~ 3.7 kW
Motor Class IP54
Insulation Class IP54
Belt Materials PVC Grip face, or 2-ply Chevron Rubber
Paint Electrostatic Epoxy Powder RAL 7035 (beige)
Standard Width (W)
650 MM
Outer Distance (Wo) 754 MM
Standard Length 6150 MM
Height HD min 900 MM
Height HD max 3700 MM


Brake Motor Yes
Bidirectional motion Yes
Variable Speed Drives Yes
Chevron type Rubber Belt Material Standard
Grip Face Belt Type -PVC Optional
Push Button Station and Emergency Stop Buttons are fitted as standard equipment.


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