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UNITEL aims to be a recognized leader in materials handling systems; we design, develop and deliver world class engineering products, equipment, technical service and solutions, supplying a differentiated product adopting modern technologies, control and automation. Strongly client centered, we are design oriented, quality driven and are innovation focused:


  • We continually strive to set and to achieve leadership in areas of technical excellence
  • A rigorous focus on quality considerations dictates there is no room for compromise

Human Resources

  • Our people policy and human resource strategy ensures we select and retain the best
  • This objective is strengthened by providing job security for our people
  • We take employees welfare seriously and act to ensure workplace security, occupational health and safety


  • A strong client focus ensures that we harness the benefits of ongoing customer support
  • Providing superior returns to investors ensures we maximize value for our stakeholders
  • Rigorous health and safety standards confer sound peace of mind to everyone involved
  • We believe in financial transparency and we conduct our affairs with steadfast integrity
  • We partner with clients, suppliers and principals to ensure mutual ‘win-win’ outcomes


We see UNITEL integrated into the global economy by successful strategic alliances with market leaders as a solutions driven, innovative and a strongly customer focused material handling specialist, using state-of-the-art production and design practices, techniques and methodologies.

Innovation Strategy

UNITEL is driven by innovation in the conduct of its business and the development of its strategic direction and operational performance. Innovation is a vital and integral part of our organizational modus operandi and indeed underpins all of our commercial activities.


Materials Handling Systems
Materials Handling Systems
Materials Handling Systems
Handling 2013- Overview

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New Borg El Arab,Second Industrial Zone,
Entrance 2C,Street3,Alexandria,Egypt
+20-(0)3-462 4126         +20-(0)3-462 4070
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Cairo Office
7 El-Sheikh El-Shaarawyst.

+20-122 227 0543
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