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RLS Live Roller Conveyors

RLS Live Roller Conveyors


RLS roller conveyors offer cost effective, safe and reliable handling of any goods with a suitable contact surface and feature galvanized rollers mounted on a precision made frame. Rollers are driven by a tangential chain running on special wear resistant UHMWPE tracks.

RLS Live Roller Conveyors


The RLS family of conveyors uses special R50 or R60 rollers, fitted with single drive sprockets and female threaded shafts.

A tangential chain running on a special wear resistant profile drives the rollers.

The heavy duty precision side frames are made of heavy gauge sheet metal.

RLS Live Roller Conveyors


These conveyors are used for transporting unit goods such as boxes, cartons, crates, or any item with a solid flat contact surface.

These conveyors are not recommended for applications where excessive accumulation occurs, i.e. forcing the transported item to stop. While the rollers are still running.

RLS Live Roller Conveyors

RLS Specifications

RLS Live Roller Conveyors

Loading Capacity 14,000 N/m
Pulley Diameter Ø50 or Ø60 mm
Roller Pitch 90 mm
Chain Type 8B-1
Pulley Type R50SS- R60SS
Sprocket 14 teeth
Linear Speed 15 m/min
Mains Supply 380 VAC +/-10%, 50 Hz 3 Phase
Motor Power 0.375 kW ~ 1.1 kW depending on load and conveyor length.
Motor Class IP54
Insulation Class IP54
Paint Electrostatic Epoxy Powder RAL 5017 (blue)
Standard Width (W) / Preferred Values
Outer Distance (Wo)      
W 500 650 1200
Wo 615 765 1315


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