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OHD Overhead Powered Conveyors

OHD Overhead Powered Conveyors


The simple and proven construction of the OHD family of overhead conveyors consists of special tracks that house a chain fitted with wheels. Tracks can be made to change direction, thus offering a flexible solution to handling problems requiring overhead conveyors.

OHD Overhead Powered Conveyors


Overhead conveyor chains run inside suspended tracks. The tracks are either self-supporting for light loads or hanging from an I-beam steel profile for heavier loads.

Tracks have accessories such as vertical curves or horizontal curves of 30, 60 or 90 degrees.

Other components include tension frames, track openings for loading chains and variable length sections for track length tuning.

The tracks and supports can follow complex closed paths, covering a wide area even across floors.

Optionally the conveyors could be fitted with a bus-bar running parallel to the tracks in order to power moving loads. The suspended frames can be supplied with electric power through special electric brush carts running inside special power distribution bus bars.

OHD Overhead Powered Conveyors

OHD Overhead Powered Conveyors


OHD Overhead conveyors are used in assembly lines, paint lines, processing lines, and find wide use in warehouses or production floors

They can carry weights of several hundred kilograms, and can be made to change directions both in the horizontal or vertical planes easily.

Overhead conveyors type OHD carrying test equipment for example, can be synchronized with chain conveyors CHA to perform electrical testing while the items are moving along the assembly line.

OHD Overhead Powered Conveyors
Loading Capacity 1600 N/ cart
Supports Inverted L-shaped floor supports of 100 mm square profile
Profile Special support brackets with hanger s and butt flanges
Tension Adjustment Spring Loaded take-up system.
Tension Unit Special U shaped telescopic spring loaded tension unit
Take-up Distance 500 mm. each side
Drive Caterpillar fitted with friction clutch for safety
Linear Speed 5 m/min to 15 m/min
Mains Supply 380 VAC +/-10%, 50 Hz 3 Phase
Motor Power 0.37 kW ~ 2.2 kW depending on length, linear speed and load.
Motor Class IP54
Insulation Class IP54


Floor Supports Yes Cross Bracing For Supports Yes
Ceiling Hangers Yes Butt Coupling for Profiles Yes
Wall Mount Yes Special Sections for chain insertion Yes
Bidirectional motion Yes Lubricating Stations Manual or Automatic Yes
Variable Speed Drives Yes Optical Switches and Controls Yes
Stainless Steel Construction No Push Button Station Yes


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